Bring fun and joy to your audience!

Examine and learn from your users

User eXperience Driven Development

User Research

An unquestionable foundation of knowledge for every project. User research and empathy maps provide a solid base to build on.

user research


An open channel with users and amongst team members is crucial to the success of any project.

Lean UX

A cure for many user experience problems. Lean UX works with Agile or Kanban methodologies.

ux prototyping

Usability Testing

Continually testing our work is essential. Often, usability tests deliver insights into user behaviour we could never have imagined.

UI Designs & Visuals

“You eat with your eyes first.” As visual beings we love simplicity and hate overwhelming surroundings.

ui experiments


Running experiments e.g. A/B tests are allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of different solutions or improvements.

Recent Projects

Design Wizard

Design Wizard is an online graphic design tool that makes it allows users to easily create, share and download images in minutes.

My role in this project is to ensure that users can easily navigate through the desktop application to create, share and download designs. This involved working with the marketing, design and engineering teams to balance features and messaging with ease of use. Through experimentation and usability testing, I worked continuously to deliver a seamless user experience. As the sole UX/UI developer on the project, I am also responsible for web design and ensuring consistency of experience across both the application and website adding CSS3 animations to enhance the user journey.

Website URL:

Behance Link: DesignWizardBehance

desktop app sample


OnTrack360 is a state-of-the-art workflow and compliance application that allows you to manage your field assets wherever they are, whatever they are.

My role in this project was focused mainly on front end development, however I also designed the mobile app for OnTrack and was responsible for UX design, workflow testing and UI testing for the desktop, tablet and mobile application.

Website URL:

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About me

Jeremi Walewicz

Jeremi Walewicz - UX Consultant

I describe myself as a hybrid - half designer, half developer. Having worked on a wide variety of software projects internationally for over 7 years, I continue to code and would say being able to bring my designs to life and seeing them in the hands of real users is the what brings me joy. I specialise in improving processes and consistently meeting user expectations. My unending quest is to increase the usability of the product, application or website. Through harnessing the power of animation, HTML, js and CSS3 features in my workflows, I am able to bring joy and fun to the users journey.

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